Accidentally installed the same Windows Server 2003 Web Edition OEM key on two servers

I accidentally installed and activated a virtual machine running Windows Server 2003 Web Edition OEM with a key that belongs to an existing real server. I phoned Microsoft but the tech support person just gave me the number of the Microsoft robot lady that activates products over the phone.

To resolve this, I believe I need to re-activate Windows on the original server, but I am unable to de-activate it first. I tried the solution at but it only works for volume license media, not OEM. Can anyone tell me how to de-activate the OEM version of Server 2003 Web Edition?
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Just call Microsoft if it prompts you to re-activate it, either through operator or automated lady robot activation.  Leave the currently activated OEM machine, once activated, it's fine.  Microsoft doesn't bother as long as they know it's OEM and you've proper licensing, it doesn't matter which license keys you use they'll just re-activate it, it depends on the OEM machine if it will accept the keys.

It happened to me when I virtualized one of our OEM server to test it out and needs to be re-activated.  Called MS and told them the whole story, they just let me re-activate the device even if the other device is running.  Licensing wise, it's not licensed, but told them that I'm doing a DR testing, they just allowed me and even told me that the key and combination of numbers I used has been re-activated for 3000 times!!! Technically, I think OEM machines just generates the same re-activation set of numbers with the same model.
Don S.Commented:
Just change the key to the proper key via something like Magic Jelly bean.  If windows then needs to reactivate, it will ask you to.
BetaPictorisAuthor Commented:
Interesting comments. They helped me get a better understanding of what Microsoft cares about with respect to licensing.
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