php yes no message box


Can some one tell me how to display yes no message box in php coded  like code below

message box can be javascript

if(isset($_GET["action"])) {
		  switch ($_GET["action"]) {
			case "del":

		//here message box "are you want to delete?" and if user click "yes" echo"Delete" if click "no" echo "No Delete"	    

			case "edit":
//here same message box for edit 


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Use JavaScript and the method confim(message) on your first page, before calling your php. Eg.
if (confirm(message)){
} else {
Somewhere else you probably have a link or a button. It is THERE that you need to do this, NOT on the php code you are pointing out:

<a href='#' onclick='retrun confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this item?") '>Delete</a>
In VBScript ( which will only work in Explorer ) you can try this:
<script language="VBScript">
Dim intAnswer
intAnswer = MsgBox("do you want only YES and NO?", vbYesNoCancel)

If intAnswer = 6 Then
   ' Yes.
ElseIf intanswer = 7 Then
   ' No
   ' Cancel
End If

Else, you can try to create a modal javascript box to encompass this.
nikola_mkAuthor Commented:
I use this code but message box did not  appear

            <td> <a  href='?action=del' onCLick='return confirm('Are you SURE you want to delete this record?')'> <img alt='del' src='delete_cell.jpg' title='del'  /> </a>

where I'm wrong?

you need double quotes around the entire onclick - ex:
onclick=" ... "

The reason you cannot use apostrophes is because your javascript statement already uses apostrophes:
<a  href='?action=del' onclick="return confirm('Are you SURE you want to delete this record?')"> <img alt='del' src='delete_cell.jpg' title='del'  /> </a>

The other way around this is to use double quotes in your javascript and leave the apostrophes in your onclick:

return confirm("Are you SURE you want to delete this record?")

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