JQuery Datepicker disable onload()

How to disable the jquery datepicker element on load of a page?
(i.e while initializing the datepicker the field should be disabled, not hidden)
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assuming that the date picker element has id='elementID':

Hi, give a try with this:

$( ".selector" ).datepicker({ disabled: true });


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p_ashwinramAuthor Commented:
I appreciate both of you for taking your time out to reply to my post.

The above two solutions would work fine when the page is already loaded. My scenario requires the datepicker to be disabled on LOAD of the page. The disable event of datepicker did not work on load because the method is trying to act on the dom element which has not yet loaded completely.

I tried firing the disable event in both ways (after document.ready() and after onload). In both cases the datepicker element was not found to act upon.

As a temporary fix i have used setinterval and clearinterval methods to keep checking if the datepicker is loaded and then fire the disable event.
It is a very bad patch as it involves time delay.
So I am hoping someone can come up with a more efficient way to fix this. Any thoughts?
Can you give the link to your datepicker?
p_ashwinramAuthor Commented:
I have to create a public page with the same functionality and expose it to you. I will do that in this week. Again thanks for the helping hand(s).
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