Why does VMware conversion fail at 95%?

I attempted to convert our Exchange server. After 8 hours it failed at 95%. I've attached the log file.

I found one reference to the Exception message: converter.agent.internal.fault.PlatformError and they mentioned that it might be a problem with the firewall(s). But that shouldn't be an issue since the source server has Server 2003R2 and by default the server firewall is not running.

And since the client converter creates the VM during the conversion process there is no firewall "turned on" for the destination server, running only VMWare ESXi 4.0. I don't think there is a firewall associated with ESXi

Before running the conversion I stopped all Exchange services and BackupExec services hoping that would help the conversion process.
ronfastI.T. DirectorAsked:
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Depending on size it may have just timed out since it uses VSS.  If there is more data than it can handle I've seen it fail.  Depending on size and time you may want to download a trial copy of Acronis or Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery and image the system.  

Once the system is imaged you can try a dry run on the conversion while your production system is up and running, just make sure that the network card on the conversion VM is not connected and you can see if it goes well or not.  If it goes well plan to take an image and convert. You will know how long it takes sine the imaging can be done realtime without too much use of resources and the conversion can be tested during the day without taking down the production Exchange Server
How large are your disks that you are migrating?  Are your VMFS volumes formatted to handle the file size of the disks?  default VMFS volume is 1MB block size which allows for maximum of 250GB file size.

• 1MB block size – 256GB maximum file size
• 2MB block size – 512GB maximum file size
• 4MB block size – 1024GB maximum file size
• 8MB block size – 2048GB maximum file size

If your disks are larger, make sure you use the correct block size.
ronfastI.T. DirectorAuthor Commented:
The total size of both partitions is 350GB. I have 2 partitions (34 GB and 307GB). the VMFS is cofigured for 4MB block size.
I'm not familiar with imaging but it sounds like the right way to go. I'll give that a try.

thank you.
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