Send out mass email with Mailenable, Coldfusion 9 and MySQL

This will be a little long only because I want to explain myself fully.  I’m running a Windows 2003 server with Hosting Controller, Mailenable, Coldfusion 9  and MySQL. I would like to send out mass emails to my members (50k). As of now I’m using <Cfmail> (Query) to send out the emails. All my data is stored using MySQL. My system is set up using a schedule task to read a mail script then send the emails at pre-set times. When I send out the emails they go out at a very slow rate and the script has never got through all of my emails. I created a script to make sure all of the emails in my system are correct so there will be no errors. But it seems to “time out” or just quit.  Also when any of the emails are sent it goes into the spam box.

So here are my questions...

What is the best way to send about 50k emails using my server?
How to collect the bounce back emails and take them out of the system with Coldfusion?
How do I keep my emails from going directly into spam boxes?

My code

 <cfquery name="getlist" datasource="#dns#">
SELECT email
FROM table
     SELECT email
FROM table2

<cfloop query="getlist">

password="# password#"
<title>< title>



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That is three questions. Question 2 is going to be a bit of work.

Question 1.
There is a few ways you can do this. You can break up the query in the several queries and schedule multiple jobs. Or you can put this in mycfmdocument.cfm?RequestTimeout=2000. The RequestTimeout are in Sec so you would out how many seconds you need. 2000 would be around a 1/2 hour

Question 2
Have a mail box set up so any bounce backs go into it. Then use cfpop to go into each message and look at who it was sent to and do some action from there. Delete them out of the list resend etc.

Question 3
That is the 64 Million Dollar question. If you figure this out perfectly you will be rich you can sell your system to all the SPAMs they would love you. Of course we would all hate you. :-)
You might start with changing the mailerid see this page. That will change the X-Mailer in the header it might help some.

I'm sure this is just a typo, but you've got these tags the wrong way round:

Why use <cfloop> around your <cfmail>?  Why not just do:
overcolorAuthor Commented:
i don't know why loop is there, let me try without
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