Can virus spread through the router I share with my roommates?

Can virus spread through the router I share with my roommates?

I ive in China, and share internet connection with two other persons through a router or dlink.
Is it possible for virus, malware etc. to enter also my laptop through the router, from the websites my roommates go to?
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It is possible. If the virus is able to gain access to the router, it can modify your DNS settings. This makes your machine vulnerable to attack from outside sources.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
What are the odds? Very likely/very often when virus appears on my roommates websites it will very likely/very often spread also to my laptop? Or 50-50? Or 1/5 likeability?
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
By the way, this is record, I received a reply almost before I sent it! :)
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It depends on if your router has a backdoor that the hacker can attack and the complexity of the virus.
Your router is likely a DHCP server and hands out private IP addresses to your computer  and your roommates' computer.  These ip address are on the same subnet.  Look at your IP address with IPCONFIG in a DOS command window. Look at your roomate's IP address.  Type ping <ipaddress> where <ipaddress> is your roommate's IP address.  If you can ping his PC, then a virus can get to it also.

You should run Windows firewall (or something better) on your laptop.  Also, run anti-spyware in addition to anti-virus software.

Your router likely functions as a switch which would allow each laptop/pc on the switch to talk to each other, which enables a virus to spread.

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agree with nole172. You should install antivirus software with firewall protection. kaspersky is good choice. you can download trial version (30 days) from and install on your computer then scan it. otherwise, install onto other non-virus computer and scan your computer's harddisk.
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