Router limiting download speed??

When i bought my router i was downloading at my internet full speed (700kbps) through wireless... Now it seems to be slower than usual (200~300kbps). In the cable the speed is good. Is it normal to happen to routers?? Is there some solution other than to buy another??
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Have you tried resetting your router ? Usually there is a recessed switch on the back of the router that you need to hold in for 5 seconds or so ( usually need a paper clip or something to access it).

Before trying this, make sure you are know your username/password and details required to do a "first time configuration" on the router

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sometimes a simple restart (rather than reset) helps, too. If you have security enabled, that might contribute to reduced speed ... you might try another security protocol to see if one allows higher throughput than the others.
goto and test the speed of your connection.

This give you an accurate idea of how fast your connection is. You shouldnt have to buy another router.
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MelissaCGAuthor Commented:
Yes i have reseted my router but nothing changed... I noticed that sometimes there is a peak where the download reaches full speed but its not as near stable as with the cable...

PS: I'm side by side with the router...
First thing to do is baseline your theory... your theory being that the router is slowing you down.  So to do that, temporarily disconnect your computer from whatever router is in question and connect it directly to your ISP modem (cable, DSL, etc).  Then go to speakeasy and run your speed test.  If you're still getting poor performance then you can rule out the router as the culprit.

From my experience, no routers don't slow you down over time.  Routers can be a bottleneck if you're exceeding their ability to forward traffic, but I've not run into a case like that in a home application.  You might check MTU settings on the router if they are not set to default.  

My guess is that your little router isn't causing your issues, but then I again I might be wrong.

Let us know how you make out.
As scardali says, connect to the Internet without your router in the loop and do a speed test. If things are normal it certainly is a sign that the router is causing the problem. A few months back 20 meg download speed became available from my personal ISP. However, I could never get better than almost 10 meg. I took the router out of the loop and BAM, I had a full 20 meg. I replaced my router and speed still 20 meg. If you get your correct or near correct speed after removing the router I would go get another. Those things are cheap now. If you get it at a place like Office Depot you can take it right back to them if it doesn't fix your problem.  Good Luck
MelissaCGAuthor Commented:
Well, now it seems to work fine... i dont know if it was the 2nd reboot i gave it or what but thanks for your answers xD
Glad you're working again. It actually could have been the second reboot. With routers it is usually best to wait 10 seconds or more before you plug the power back in unless you are doing the hard reset with the little pin hole in the back. A quick power off and on doesn't always seem to clear them up. Cable modems usually require an even longer non power between boot. I was told by an Insight tack that the cable modem, even ones without battery backup, will not clear all dropped packets etc if you don't give them a good 20 seconds between power of and on.
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