OEM Windows 7 HP PC no longer recognizes OEM DVI monitor

hi.. have a HP bundled PC set up p6367C product name.
been working absolutely GREAT for the last 30 days.  

i was even able to connect a 2nd monitor on the vga port.  today, the pc defaulted to the 2nd monitor and doesn't recognize the dvi port/OEM monitor.  

1) turned off  system for reset - no avail
2) restarted pc - no avail
3) checked windows graphics properties - PnP doesn't recognize the connected DVI port..

help please?  thanks
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That is right. Manufacturer's graphic managers are actually more detailed. You can check your graphics card manufacturer by opening dxdiag. Here's is how to open it in win 7.

1. click on start > type run on the search box and you should see the Run icon..click on it to open.
2. type dxdiag on the box right next to where it says Open and click enter.
3. you should be able to see the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool"..then click on the second tab that says Display.
4. you will see all the details regarding your graphics card. Then just search for its drivers or manager on the net.
Uninstall and reinstall the video card driver, if it still doesnt work, try replacing the DVI cable with another one. It's a process of elimination till we find the offender :)
If you can, use a VGA cable to test the monitor, it is a process of elimination.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
thx for the quick response:

1) uninstalled root video driver (only one).. then reinstalled.. no avail
2) changed the port to vga with OEM monitor .. works great.. looking at it now.. that means both monitors work on the vga with the pc

i don't have another dvi cable, but that's the logical thing to do..

question - is there a way to diagnose the dvi port?  or is it integrated on the motherboard with the vga card driver?
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
strange folks..

on a lark, i swapped out the cable connections between the monitors

original connection:

OEM monitor to pc via DVI
2nd monitor to pc via VGA

OEM monitor suddenly goes out after 6 weeks ++ no problems.


OEM monitor to pc via VGA
then i connected 2nd monitor to PC via DVI and it works.

do you think there is an underlying problem that will come 'home to roost' ?
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
one other question..

1) using right click on desktop and opening graphics properties - incorrectly shows only one monitor
2) using control panel - correctly shows the configuration settings of both monitors.

is there an inherent conflict between these two menus?  is one showing a 'windows command program" ie, control panel

whilst the right click goes to OEM driver software from the video adapter manufacturer?  

i'm wondering if there is somehow an application conflict that is hanging in the background..  

sort of like the use of the windows wifi manager vs oem software  for a wifi device..
I have encountered this before. I would recommend to install the latest graphics card driver / graphics manager. Then change your configuration using that graphics manager (ATI Radeon: Catalyst Control Center, NVIDIA: NVIDIA Control Panel).

I also recommend to click on the button that will search the Digital and Analog input from your monitor. Make sure to select the Digital input when connecting a DVI cable.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
if i understand correctly, you are suggesting that i get the manufacturer's graphic manager and install it for use in windows (and NOT use the resident windows graphics manager)..  i'll check to see if it's available.  i believe the card that came stock is listed as an Intel GMA x4500...

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