Browser says my site is not secure in spite of SSL

In some browsers shows up fine, but for example in Opera the browser does not accept it as a secure site. What is missing?
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Does your site have a server certificate that 'verifies' the authentication of your site?  I believe what Opera is doing is telling the operator that it's not able to verify the authenticity of the web site.  You might want to do a web search on server certificates and/or certification authentication.

try adding it to trusted site list...!!!
Shinesh PremrajanEngineering ManagerCommented:
Its not only the case with the Opera, i think its the case with all the browsers.

You need to get a trusted certificate for this site, which at present is not there.

Refer the below link it will proide the details of the error you are facing..

Hope this helps...
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Did you use a self signed certificate or did you use one from a signing authority.

Please note, that some signing authorities provide  SSL-certificates for free if you just need a personal certificate with a low, but suffcient trust level.

It would also be important to know, server you're using (apache?) and what liines you added to your apache config.

SWB-ConsultingAuthor Commented:
But I'm not getting this error in FF, IE, or Safari !! Only Opera it seems ...
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
I just checked with Opera and it came up fine.  Maybe you need to update Opera?  Or are you understanding the yellow background color around the lock incorrectly?  The yellow is just that it is a normal cert, not an EV cert (green).  In FF3 this would be blue.

The only thing Opera noted was that the site does not support TLS renegotiation, but it does report the site as secure, using a GoDaddy wildcard cert, and encryption support of TLS v1.0 256 bit AES (1024 bit DHE_RSA/SHA).
SWB-ConsultingAuthor Commented:
You're right. Now it does accept it as secure. Yesterday it didn't.

On my coworker's FF 3.6 today it didn't accept it as secure and I had to add a security exception. It said this: sec_error_unknown_issuer
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
Maybe the site was just having issues and a few people using IE had the page cached?
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