SBS08/EXCH07 Slow Internal Mail Flow

I have a client with an SBS08 server(Exch07) complaining of slow internal mailflow.  I'm recording about 90-120 seconds from send to delivery on all messages at seemingly any time of the day.  I've run through some of the message tracking and performance monitors.  The server did make mention that there were a higher than normal amount of RPC connections.  I ran the suggested Exmon tool but am not seeing abnormally high connections.  But perhaps i just don't know how to use the tool to get to the info i need.

Messages are not sitting in the outbox.  Can you all help me diagnose the problem and what's holding up these messages?

Thank you,
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Glen KnightCommented:
So they are taking between 90 & 120 seconds to go from your mail server to another external mailbox?

That's not unreasonable.

If your sending via DNS it needs to perform a DNS lookuo, be scanned by your virus/SPAM software be submitted for delivery at the receiving SMTP server, checked by their virus/SPAM filter, if the recipient use a smarthost it will have to go there first and be scaned by virus/SPAM software.  Then finally be delivered to the mail client.
B HCommented:
if everyone is set up as RPC, that's expected...  rpc is less than instantanious... a lot slower than a "regular" outlook-to-exchange setup on a local network

of course, as pysical distance increases, so does the delay - a vpn from australia to germany will be slower than from new york to cleveland

if you set up an outlook profile on the local network, not using rpc, is the delay still there?
Want to check the messages from Queue, size, no of messages. Then check the connector properties & finally check the Network utilisation.
MikeBuschAuthor Commented:
The issue ended up being Vipre e-mail security.  It's service is integrated as a dependancy with Exchange IS.  So it had to be removed.  Once this was done e-mail flowed without any delay.  We moved over to Postini for mail security.  Thanks for the assitance.
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