iPhone only syncing 'some' emails from Exchange

One of our clients have multiple iPhones connecting to their SBS2003 server and I have the phones setup fine, they connect but not all emails are synced. For example I am logging into OWA and can see 10 new emails for today but only 1 of those is showing on the iphone. Missing emails are both internal and external. I have removed and readded the account on the iphone, rebooted the server multiple times with no change.

In the servers application logs I can see DAVEX MSExchangeActiveSyncNotify and Server Activesync all processing normally with no errors.

I have recently reinstalled Exchange and everything else on the server is working without issue. I have rerun the CEICW multiple times and checked all the IIS settings as per http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=817379 to no avail.

I have come across many exchange/activesync issues but never any that I can't find any errors for? Any ideas what I can check next?
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Are they running any rules to redirect email from their inbox to another folder?
progressitAuthor Commented:
No there are no server side rules, I'm also comparing emails on the the iphone handset to what I'm seeing in OWA so that Outlook settings can be excluded from the variables
So let me get some further clarification.
Your iPhones have the latest software?
Your excahnge and sbs server have all the latest SP's?
This is happening to all iPhones?
You know you're getting email because you can see it in OWA in their Inbox?
Hope this helps.
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progressitAuthor Commented:
No problem,
-All iPhones are 3GS
-SBS 2003 has SP2 installed
-Exchange SP2 is also installed
-Latest Windows Updates all installed

And yes is happening across all iphones / email accounts. I have also tested my personal iphone (3GS) with one of the accounts and receving the same issues.
And yes can see all email in OWA no problem, external/internal email is flowing with no issue to the exchange server itself, it's just the sync wih iphones that seem to be the issue, which leaves ActiveSync and IIS i would assume but my experience in this area is limited.
Thanks for your help in advance!
Hmmmmm... I usually have no problem with iPhones. But my guess is something to do with the SBS server and the fact you reinstalled Exchange and something got broken between SBS, Exchange, and IIS, so we will probably need focus our attention there.
Another question, has this problem only occured since the reinstall of exchange and did it work before then?
I still have a few SBS 2003 servers running using ActiveSync with iPhones so I will need to check those for the proper configuration. I will let you know shortly.
Also, have you tried this test:
Post the results back here.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Please have a read of my Exchange 2003 / Activesync Article and check your IIS settings, then test either on the test site mentioned or download the free app mentioned.
You may also need to add the following registry key to make all sync happily:
DWORD - ProActiveScanning=1

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progressitAuthor Commented:
Alanhardisty, that article is brilliant. You have combined about 20+ various articles into a concise to the point list.

I ended up reinstalling the Exchange virtual directories, and disabling forms based authentication to fix my problem.

I have to admit it took me extra unnecessary time as I got caught in the trap of following links from pages and going way off the right path, when all i needed to do was step by step follow exactly everything described in your article. Full points awarded and thank you very much, I'm sure your article will help me again in the future!
progressitAuthor Commented:
Most useful article I have found on the site to date
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Glad my article was helpful and thanks for your comments.  Thanks also for the points.


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