SonicWall t190 slow internet connection

At our office we have a sonicwall t190 and are experiencing an internet speed cap of about 2Mbps. we have a metro Ethernet connection at 10Mbps guaranteed. what can i change to speed up the network, or what is causing this to happen?
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oldcatfanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a couple of things that can cause this. First, I would take the firewall out of the loop and test your connection speed without it. If speed is normal after doing that it may be a good idea to do a hard reset on your Sonic and re configure it. You also might want to check with your ISP to be certain that you are using the correct DNS settings. I have personally had a similar issue to yours that was the DNS settings because they had changed/upgraded/added theirs with new numbers  and I wasn't aware because the old I had still worked, but slow.

A problem like this can also be caused by something as simple as a bad Ethernet cable or even a bad Ethernet switch. I would replace the cables going to and from the firewall and give that a try first. Also restart your switch of course. I have also had a situation with over 50 nodes that drove me crazy trying to find out what was slowing me down. It ended up being that one network cable was causing the problem. It seems that a rat or other furry friend had chewed through the cable and the cable was causing severe line noise. Once that cable was removed from the switch all was good again. :)

Good luck to you.
The link will be 10Mbps come what may.  Don' forget we are talking BITS per second here so your file downloads in BYTES will only be what looks to be about 2.
You can also check your settings on the interface.  There can sometimes be issues with mis-matches of duplex settings.  Find out if your metro link is full or half duplex and set the firewall interface to the same.
ustelcomAuthor Commented:
I inspected all the cables and found one that was damaged while pulling it through the ceiling. the cable is now replaced and we have a great connection. Thanks!
Great, glad that you have things resolved. It's almost always something simple. It's the finding that "simple" that is the real pain in the butt. :)
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