How to disable DHCP on a Cisco 857 router

I am setting up a new server with SBS 2008.  When running the "Connect to Internet" wizard it asks me to stop the external DHCP on the router ip address.  The router is a Cisco 857.  Can anyone tell me how to do this in a step by step process.  Thanks, Bill
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just type

no service dhcp

no quotes needed
By default your router is set to work as a DHCP server, if you already have a
DHCP server on your network, you can disable the router function:

On Cisco 600 and 700 Series:

1. Telnet, ssh or connect using the Consol Port.
2. Go to "Enable" mode
3. type: set dhcp server disabled

in router 800 Series routers and upto Cisco 7000 Series:

1. Telnet, ssh or connect using the Console Port
2. Go to "Enable" mode
3. Type conf t (configue terminal)
4. type \"no service dhcp\"
5. exit
6. write

The router will rebuild it's configuration
Billy_BoyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.  I have tried this thru telnet but with no luck.  Please see error below:

* Access to this computer system is limited to authorised users only. *
* Unauthorised users may be subject to prosecution under the Crimes   *
*                       Act or State legislation                      *
*                                                                     *
* Please note, ALL CUSTOMER DETAILS are confidential and must         *
*                         not be disclosed.                           *

User Access Verification
Username: FACULTY
TB_BB_Advantage#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
TB_BB_Advantage(config)#\"no service dhcp\"
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


Any suggestions as why the error has come up under the slash?
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Billy_BoyAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your speedy help.  Could you tell me what the command is if I need to restart dhcp again on the router?
im sorry for late...but i must delet the quotes before post it
service dhcp
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