Only one MathType command can be executed at a time.

When copying an image from internet explorer to microsoft word document
this error code came up
"Only one MathType command can be executed at a time."

nothing else was open, even tired rebooting the machine to fix the problem but no sucess
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So, you do have MathType installed.  From what I'm reading, you can temporarily disable MathTyp's e and while completing the task that caused the error.  In this case, copying the image.

That all I'm seeing right now.  I wanted to check with you before looking at the MathType web site.

Waiting your reply.
SatnavAuthor Commented:
yes mathtype is installed.

previously with mathtype installed and working the student has been able to copy and paste into word.

I think it might have to do with the content of the paste.  Have you tried to copy other items.

I can't find anything specific on the error.  Looks like it's time to contact the software company.  I'll checkout their support site.  It probably won't be until tomorrow.  

See you then.
SatnavAuthor Commented:
this happens with all picture formats ive tired. jpg, jepg, gif, png
SatnavAuthor Commented:
Through trying different things and changing settings the only way to get around this is to disable the mathtype macro. as you correctly identified uucknaaa.

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