Virtualise NT4

I am having some problems getting a virtual machine to be seen on the local network.

I have used VMWorkstation (V7) to virtualise an NT4 server that was about to die on old hardware. Whilst the virtualisation went well, I am having difficulty getting it seen on the local network. I have installed a NIC (AMD) as suugested here at EE and I can ping it from the PC it is hosted on but no-one else on the network can see it. I can access the net and log into other PC's from it but not the other way around. I have set a static ip and installed Netbui but still no good.

What am I doing wrong??
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Have you set the network on your VMWorkstation as NAT or Bridged (bridged will be the one you want if it isn't).
differdufferAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jake

Setup as Bridged and also "Replicate physical network connection state"
Hey differduffer...

Are you saying it's already set as bridged or asking a question?

What happens when you do a tracert from another machine to the virtualised NT4 box?  Where does the tracert stop?

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differdufferAuthor Commented:
Hey Jake

It was already set to bridged...

I'll try a tracert and advise.
differdufferAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jake

Whilst checking via tracert, some other problems showed up.

I had to get an NT4 expert in to resolve the issues found...
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