Move Public Folders form Exhcange 2003 to Exchnage 2010

Hi Guys,

I have Exchange 2010 coexists with Exchange 2003 in multiple active directory sites, some sites have their own 2003 back-end servers, some sites have been migrated to 2010, since 24 hours i have moved the Public folder to Exchange 2010 at some sites, when you check "Connection Status" in some sites (Exchange 2010 ones) you find that they are still connected to the old 2003 back-end even that their mailboxes has been moved, some sites are connected the new Exchange 2010 public folder.
I think there is something i have to do in the AD Replication, even that the replication has been done for all sites.

Please Advice.


M. E
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From Exchange 2003 ESM if you browse to your 2003 server right click on public folders and click on move all public folders and select your 2010 server do you get any errors ?

If you go to ESM -> find you 2003 server -> public folder -> instances do you still have anything showing there ? and if yes what is their sizes?

finally when did you start the replication ? PF replication can take a extended amount of time

majdesberAuthor Commented:
Hi shreedhar, thanks for the links, actually, already i did exactly what is written in there.

Hi Akhater, about ESM- public folder instances- Yes it still shows all public folders, even that in the replication tab of the Public Folder Store it shows the Exchange 2010 servers only.
for the time did the move 24 hours ago...
is there anything should i add related to site name?
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instance are showing ok but their sizes is it zero ?
majdesberAuthor Commented:
some of them are 0s but the for Mailrestore, OAB version 2,3a,4 and schedule + Free busy .... still the same size no change.
the strange thing that when i right click on Public folder store and say "Move All Replicas" is still give me the Exchange 2010 database as a destination, while the Exchange 2003 is not an available destination.
M. E
right click properties on one of them, check the replicas tab can you see ONLY the 2010 server ?

if so I advise you to wait another 24 hours. if it doesn't do it then we have issues on the 2010 side.

If from 2010 EMC you issue a get-publicfolderstatistics what are the results ?
majdesberAuthor Commented:
in replica as you said it shows only the Exchange 2010 name.
in the a get-publicfolderstatistics it shows exactly the values shown in the EMS 2003 but with different ITEM counts, i believe we have to wait for another 24 hours and see.
i will inform you tomorrow at the same time.
thanks a lot.
M. E
yes please do wait,

if you want from ESM right click on public folder and resend changes
majdesberAuthor Commented:
Hi Akhater,

i have waited for long time with no progress, and resent the changes but still in ESM still shows all public folder instances.
anyways i found out why the outlook clients are not connecting to new Exchange server; if you go to
EMC 2010 - Organization Configuration - Database Management - (choose a Database) - properties- client settings - you can specify the Public folder database, usually is should be automatically choose 2010 after moving but for unknown reason the the majority of database still using the existing exchange 2003 database, so i changed manually, now all my clients are connected to the new exchange 2010 servers.
thanks for your help.


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Thank you M.E for the updates, this would explain why the clients were still connecting to the 2003 but not why the databases are not being removed from the Instances in ESM. Are they still there ?
majdesberAuthor Commented:
Hi Akhater,

Yes in ESM the public folder instances still has the same content as before, this is very strange, it should be empty by now, right? it is more than one week by now, anyways, for now it is ok as the clients are connected to Exchange2010, but my concern is later when i will decommission the Exchange 2003, because i will not be able to remove public folder if this folder did not moved successfully to Exchange 2010
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