NTFRS Error message in windows2003

Hi,I am getting this error message in the event viewer in my windows2003 dc,The file replication service is in an error state,files will not replicate to or from one of the replica sets on this computer,until the following recovery steps are performed.
Please note,i can see this error messages for almost 10months,so far everything works fine ,
The reason i checked this event viewer is my email server (mdaemon)stopped working now by giving error message as "socket error winsock10013 permission denied"
I am not sure that the problem is with my mdaemon email server or from my win2003 domain controller.

Please note mdaemon email server is installed in my domain controller2003.
please help with some solution.
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I think there is no relation between the two problems. Have you tried to stop the replication service and to delete the NTFRS database under C:\WINDOWS\ntfrs? It will be created anew as soon as you start the service again.
Other problem my be to less space on you system drive. NTFRS needs about 650mb.
sgiriAuthor Commented:
Hi i have enough space is c drive and all other partitions.if i stop and delete ntfrs will it create any issue for my dc to work ? , Regards Giri

No, just delete the jet database and restart the service. By the way, is it a standalone DC? If not, make a copy of your sysvol folder first. I experienced replication problems with 2 or more DCs. All of them tought they were not responsible for replication anymore, killed the content of the sysvol folder and were waiting for an authority.
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sgiriAuthor Commented:
what do you mean by standalone DC.please explain.regards giri
Do you have only 1 DC?
Regarding your EmailServer problem:
have you seen this?

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sgiriAuthor Commented:
Yes i have only one DC,in which i also have mdaemon emailserver.Regards GiriPrasad.S.
sgiriAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your Support,The problem is resolved,
The problem was with the Microsftsmtp service is on and it was set to automatic.
I stopped the Smtp service and changed the setting to manual,then my emails started working fine.
If you have the NTFRS problem continued you can try the other solution (deleting the database).
sgiriAuthor Commented:
if i ignore this NTFRS error message in event viewer,what will be the implications.Please suggest
Ignoring it should make no problems. Can you post the text of these error messages?
sgiriAuthor Commented:
Hi,Please find attached screenshot of the error message
Is Event ID 13555 the only one?
sgiriAuthor Commented:
There are 4 event ID's,13501,13552,13503,13555.
Have you tried stopping the replicaion service, delete the Jet database and start the service again?
sgiriAuthor Commented:
I will try and update you again.Regards GiriPrasad.S.
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