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Backing up data from NAS to NAS


I have 2 NAS boxes 1 Promise and 1 WD Sharespace.
Currently we use WD for storing our data (around 500gb).
I would like to backup this data to my other NAS box (promise) every night.
Because there is too much data (500gb) i would like to do 1 full backup and all others would be incremental or differential.
Can you suggest a program or a way to do this?

Thank you
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1 Solution
Most of the Promise NAS boxes support NAS-NAS replication. What model are you using for this?
aciddoAuthor Commented:
Hello again

I know there is such an option but i want to have history of backed up data so
if a user accidentally deletes a file i can restore it later.
If i put them to synch they will synch also the deletions correct?

Very true. The best way to keep a history is to use an intermediate box such as a Windows server using NTBackup.
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aciddoAuthor Commented:
Ok so..

I have a server with Win2k server sp4.
I did a full backup from NAS A to NAS B with NTBackup.I created a folder on NAS B and i named the backup FULL_BACKUP.BKF
It was successfully  completed.
Now i tried to change a file on NAS A and this time i selected differential backup from NTBackup and i placed this file on the same folder with FULL_BACKUP.BKF on NAS A and named it DIFFERENTIAL.BKF
This time the backup completed very fast as it should but it didn't take the file i changed as backed up.
So when i tried to restore from ntbackup the differentil.bkf file, i can see all the folder structure but no file inside to restore.
I tried also to change many files and did differential backup but still it didn't keep anyone of them as backed up.

Do you know why this happens?

Thank you
aciddoAuthor Commented:
Can you suggest another program except from ntbackup of windows 2000 for incremental backup of my data?
I read about robocopy which is free and by command line i can make some scripts to run daily but as i can see
it is available on windows 2003 resource kit.Can this work on windows 2000 server also?

Thank you
You could use robocopy - the 2003 version will work on 2000 fine. You could one schedule per day ie:
Mon - Full, from NAS_A to NAS_B\Monday
Tues - Diff, from NAS_A to NAS_B\Tuesday


It does mean setting up 2 batch files (one for full and one for diff), alternatively you could look at software like SyncBackSE to do this automatically.

I'm not sure why your ntbackup files do not show the changed files, are you sue you used differential and not incremental or daily? And was the first backup a full backup?
aciddoAuthor Commented:
Hello and thank you for the anser.

1. Yes i have cofirmed many times that ntbackup is not doing incremental backup neither differential.
    I have NAS_A and NAS_B.On NAS_B i have created a folder BACKUP.There i have put the full backup named FULL.BKF
    Then after 2 days that some files changed i tried doing differential backup with a file name called DIFF.BKF located in the
    same folder with FULL.BKF.The process is completed successfully but when i try to restore a file from DIFF.BKF i can see only
    the folder list tree but no files inside.I mean i cannot find inside these changed files.I'm using ntbackup to backup local folders
    server to external disk with the same scenario without any problem! This happens only with NAS to NAS backup.It's weird.

2. I found this script from here for robocopy:


SET _source=\\NAS_A\PUBLIC

:: /COPYALL :: COPY ALL file info
:: /B :: copy files in Backup mode.
:: /SEC :: copy files with SECurity
:: /MIR :: MIRror a directory tree

SET _options=/R:10 /W:0 /LOG:C:\ROBOCOPY.LOG /NFL /NDL
:: /R:n :: number of Retries
:: /W:n :: Wait time between retries
:: /LOG :: Output log file
:: /NFL :: No file logging
:: /NDL :: No dir logging

ROBOCOPY %_source% %_dest% %_what% %_options%

Do you think this suits my needs? With this script all files will be included in 1 folder so i would not have history of changed files, right? Does this also propagate deleted/renamed files folders?

Is there an option on robocopy to authenticate to each NAS by user/pass before starting the copy process? (I don't use Active Directory)

Thank you
The ntbackup stuff is very strange, all I can think is that the NAS does not correctly mark changed files as 'changed' so ntbackup doesnt see them to back them up.

THat script will work, and it will take \\NAS_A\PUBLIC and any subfolders and replicate them to \\NAS_B\BACKUP. If there are any other shares you will need to setup seperate scripts for those. As robocopy runs as the user who executed it, there is no way to do authentication as you would like.

Did you take a look at syncback? I think it might do what you want, and it does full and diff backups as well.
aciddoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for posting.I will try syncback.As i can see it supports diff/incr backups on pro version only not on freeware.
I'll give a try in freeware version first.
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