Set preferred DFS server on either Client or Server

Hey all,

I am running 2 Windows 2008 servers called File1 and File2. Both servers are domain controllers of our childdomain called FILES. They host one domain-based DFS namespace with several targets. The contents of the tagets are replicated by DFS-R. DFS is running in 2k8 mode. Our network consists of only one site.

We have several deparments accessing the DFS namespace and they randomly get an active server assigned. I want to be able to set which computer gets which active server, instead of the random assignment. I would like each department to use the same preferred server. I was thinking of accomplishing this either server sided with something like a GPO or client sided by altering our login script.

It's impossible to use the built-in site mechanism, because all the departments are in the same VLAN/subnet and clients are in a different VLAN/subnet as server. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't do this on a per department basis - it can only be done at a DFS Namespace level.

Under DFS Management, go to the Namespace Servers tab and under Advanced for the server that you want to be preferred, set it's Target Priority.
ArteespinaAuthor Commented:
I'm aware of that... but this isnt exactly what I am looking for as I would like to load balance between the two servers. When I right click a mapped DFS drive on the client, I can click on the DFS server and set is as preferred.. Isnt there a way to do that with the commandline? If so then I would be able to do that every boot using the login script.
ArteespinaAuthor Commented:
I now see that we can also do this on a per-Target basis instead of a per-Namespace basis. Using this I can almost accomplish the same and I will accept it as an answer. Thanks jakethecatuk.
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