Outlook 2007 Calendar Appointment not displaying Timezone


We have an issue for which as yet I have been unable to find a resolution.

For some, not all appointments we have noticed that the Calendar apointment in the Organiser's correctly display the timezone settings - (see Calendar Appt-PA attachment)

The recipient though, whilst holding the correct time zone are not seeing the Timezone setting in the appointment. (Calendar User Appt attachment)

Both users are running Outlook 2007, we are an Exchange 2003 Sp2 with all Timezone\DST patches installed.  The appointment is correct, just the gui interface in the appt not "Holding" this change.

The end users outlook clients are also patched with the appropriate timezone settings, additionaly the affected users have other appts where the "Gui" interface is reflecting the tiomezone settings.

Any help appreciated.

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LondonPEAuthor Commented:
Thanks upgrading to the latest SP in addition to retraining the user was the answer
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