Windows form to write files from client to server

Hey all
i would like to design a GUI application that will reside on the client side and upload text files to my server

I heard that i can use a binary stream so text files are translated to binary stream and then converted back to text files in the server side

or use FTP calls given that there is "something" listening for the FTP at the server for it

the question is how do i design this system  and what is the "something" and how do I write it

I thought of writing a windows form that calls a system service but unfortunatly a service wont produce a UI and I would like a UI to allow end user to enter options and parameters that will be used server side

Does this make sense

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fridomConnect With a Mentor CEO/ProgrammerCommented:
You may proceed as outlined here.

On a LAN you may just get along with using File.Copy if netschare is enabled.
Have you thought about getting a copy of either CuteFTP or WS FTP?  Both of these offer some amazing capabilities for transfering data between systems (e.g. from your desktop to your web hosting service).  They will give you an idea as to what you are talking about competing with, too.
If nothing else, google them and check out what all they offer because you are talking about taking on a rather complicated task.
samelaminAuthor Commented:
good link
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