Standard profiles for IBM 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller

I have just bought some new server, the new servers only take standard profile, and my old server used low profiles, i need to move my old network card to the new servers, but i don´t have the standard profiles for the network card.

3 standard profiles for 82571EB Quad Port Copper Gigabit Ethernet Controller

5 standard profiles for 82571EB Double Port Copper Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Where can I get som standard profile for my network cars?
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You may go the "ugly" way...using low profile bracket mod in full-height slot.
The "mod" :
-requires the bracket to be detached from the card before been hammered
-may be acceptable if some "clipping" is possible to avoid the card being swapped out by vibration (not a big deal)
I thought that low profile cards was shipped with both a standard profile bracket and a low profile one...
May be as they were embedded in the shipped old server, they did not send you the standard bracket...

I found one here...but $6.44 each when tons of that piece are surely lost in IT rooms is frustrating
DANCARGOAuthor Commented:
Normally they are shipped with both standard and low profile.

I can´t use the profile in the link, I need the exact profile, else it wont fit the printboard on the networkcard.

So as you wrote, I were hoping someone had them, and would sell them instead of trowing them out
DANCARGOAuthor Commented:
I don´t like the "ugly" way :( but okay it´s better than buying new network cards.

But again it´s a production enviroment, so i don´t like "ugly" ways.
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