PST Replication

Hi there

We use DFS to replicate our Staff data.  I've read that PST DFS can cause problems over a a LAN etc.

So how do I get the users PST file over onto our DFS Box?

At the moment I use Symantec Backup Exec for our backups.

What I've managed to do so far is Perform a nightly backup as per usual, and then get a restore of the PSTs from that Back up to another drive. So theres two things I'm asking

1) Could i perform the restore straight to the DFS box? If so what setting do i use etc as I've
had difficulties performing this i.e do i preserver tree etc when redirecting and where do i place the redirect? at the root of the DFS box? I dont want to lose the dat already replicated over I just want to place the PSTs into the correct user areas

2) If once the restore is done to a different drive could i run a robocopy to then copy the files over to the DFS box? Again what would be the commands for that

As it stands at the moment if you imagine our system looks something like

Staff\users\joe1\My Documents
Staff\users\joe2\My Documents

and this is of course the same on the replicated box.

N.B the other issue is that not all PSTs are store in My Documents for hte user, some of them store them in sub directories.

Many thanks

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1) You might be able to run a scheduled restore to do what you want. (I haven't looked at Backup exec for a while but I think its an option)
2) Yes, you could use robocopy (and schedule it in windows scheduler if you desire)

The syntax for robocopy can be found here:

How you set it up is going to depend on the source and destination directories as well as what you want to copy.  I can help you with this if you provide more info on it.

Also,  I don't quite understand why you are running backups and then DFS... Usually you let DFS run in the background to keep files the same between two sites and this is more for accessibility for roaming users. Then run backups as usual.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Hi Sublifer

We run DFS for the case of a server simply dying on us and a need to switch the other one to be active (minimal down time)

The reason for backups is that should a user delete or lose a file and they dont realize in a timely fashion then the file will also go from the DFS box hence with a backup from the night before we can still perform a restore.

What info do you require to try and  help me with the robo copy?  Below is basically what I am working with:

I have one area where all that is stored is the restored PST data.

that is is the form of staff\users\joebloogs\my documents\joesPST.pst

Now as i mentioned before not all staff save in my docs some have their PST file in a sub directory with in my docs.

I then have the DFS server which of course has the same folder structure but all the files excluding the PSTs

My goal is to get the "restored" PSTs over onto the DFS box in the right directories etc
Hmm...  I've got something you can try, but I would change the source, destination, and place some test files and directories to test this on.

Assuming d:\ is the root of your staff folder

robocopy d:\staff\users\ \\servername\sharename\staff\users\ /if *.pst /s /copyall

So to test it you might create a "test" subfolder in the users directory and in there create "bob" "joe" "sam" in each of those "my docs" in one or two of those "subfolder" then sprinkle with name.pst (where name is the appropriate name) and some other files to ensure it just grabs the pst files. Then  change the robocopy command's source dir to be:    d:\staff\users\test\

Run that test and check the destination's test dir tree to see if it copied your pst files in the correct places.  You may have to end up running a variant of a mir command

Good luck

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Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
guy that posted this is on holiday he will check it when hes back
Okay.  Thanks for letting us know.
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Hi Sub

I'm going to give this a try either today or tomoz and post back results
Colchester_InstituteAuthor Commented:
Robocopy hasd worked a treat.  Didnt need to use the MIR command, and after a few tweaks of my own its now working...TY for your help
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