On SBS2003 server, no ones OOF seems to be working?

Hi there, Im very new to SBS and Exchange Admin so not sure where to start in looking for a solution here. Hope someone can help.

Anyways, there are 12-13 users on our SBS 2003 server, and no one can get their Out of Office working. People can set the rules up but the server does not send OOF notices to anyone, internal or external.

Any thoughts on what this might be?
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There's Out of Office, but that's only once per sender. For anything else,
you'd need to setup an autoreply rule in outlook, and then enable
autoreplies to the Internet in Exchange. This is generally considered a bad
idea - it can lead to mail loops. I don't recommend it.
How to create a server-side rule to automatically reply with a specific message in Outlook 2000

on the server in the exchange management console enable oof
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SlimshaneeyAuthor Commented:
@Naren, I know its a once-only send, but how often is that reset? Is it daily? One reply per day and ignore any others? Also, the issue is not client side, the rules are being created fine, the server is not acting upon them.

@mlg can you be more specific? I cant see Exchange Managemetn Console anywhere... Not sure where to look exactly...

Exchange management console

Start->programs-> Microsoft exchange -> systemmanager

Introduction to Exchange 2003 Global Settings


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on the server goto : start programs > ms exchange > open system manager
("C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\Exchange System Manager.msc")
expand global settings select internet message format
right click prperties on default
select tab advanced
enable allow out of office response
then your user can set their oof in outlook
have a look at picture
SlimshaneeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, worked a treat!

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