ORA-00600: internal error code

ERROR at line 2:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [qkacon:qkaconGetPathOps:1], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

The above error is received in Oracle 10g Release 2 in the following case:

1) When a column in VIEW A is made from an expression using the function SYS_CONNECT_BY_PRIOR and...

2) Such field of View A is used in View B in a column which itself is made up of an expression.

The error does not occur when the field in VIEW A is used AS IS in View B. However, when we try and use the Field in View A as a part of an expression in View B, the error occurs.

Any workarounds to generate a single column in View B using such field in View A with an expression?
Adwait ChitaleyAsked:
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RindbaekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ORA-00600 should be checked with oracle through support.oracle.com
use this article: Troubleshoot an ORA-600 or ORA-7445 Error Using the Error Lookup Tool [ID 153788.1]

And it looks like you hit Bug# 5029528 thats fixed in the latest patchset so patch your system and it should disapear.

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