c# user32.dll setparent prevents toolstrip click event from working

I am using the below code to launch an application and show it inside a "host" application.

Both are written in C#.Net

The problem is that once calling the User32.dll SetParent method the toolstrip buttons in the child application do not do anything. How can I get around this?
private void ShowMdiForm(string pExePath, ApplicationStruct pAppStruct)
            //int processid = 0;
            XtraForm frm = CreateMdiForm(pAppStruct);

            using (Process p = new System.Diagnostics.Process())
                p.StartInfo.FileName = pExePath;
                p.StartInfo.Arguments = "CamPortal";

                IntPtr appWin = IntPtr.Zero;
                int tryCount = 0;

                while (appWin == IntPtr.Zero && tryCount < 50)
                    // Get the main handle
                    System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(500); //Ensures that the handle can be grabbed

                    appWin = p.MainWindowHandle;
                    if (appWin == IntPtr.Zero)
                        //try again from a separate process
                        using (Process p2 = Process.GetProcessById(p.Id))
                            appWin = p2.MainWindowHandle;

                    //processid = p.Id;

                if (appWin != IntPtr.Zero)
                    pAppStruct.ApplicationHandle = appWin;
                    frm.Tag = pAppStruct;
                    frm.MdiParent = this;
                    frm.Icon = pAppStruct.ApplicationIcon;
                    IntPtr x = Usr32.SetParent(appWin, frm.Handle);


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When your host and the child are both .net applications then what is the need to use SetParent of User32?

You could add reference to that assemly and instantiate the required form and call showdialog method.

Do i make sense?
CAMSYSTEMSAuthor Commented:
Yeah you make sense however there are dll issues in this circumstance.

Basically we have a container application that hosts all of our other applications.... 10+

They all shared dll's and each dll could be different versions of the same dll's hence they need to be opened in their own process.

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