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Hello Everybody,

I have a question for VMware.
We have a domain and got only one domain controller in the network and we converted the Domain Controller to Virtual Environment to run in EXSi 4.0.
After conversion it did not take the IP address and we assign the same IP address manually, before in the physical server the network was teamed. We are able to ping the server with IP address but not with name and when we give nslookup command it returns bad server. Another  thing when the client tries to login its taking more time to get the profile to be loaded and always the popup comes asking the user name and password for connecting to the file server in which the user profile synchronized.
Kindly suggest us is it advisable to convert a single Domain controller to virtual environment. If it is advisable to do kindly suggest us a work around.

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vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I do not recommend a P2V of a Domain Controller for 2 reasons, USN Problems and DC reachability problems.
The recommended way is to dcpromo a new 2008 or 2003 VM, transfer the roles to the VM and then wait for replication to get completed.
After checking with dcdiag and other tools for any issues, create a second VM and promote it as a DC for redundancy.
Once both VMs are up and running, demote the physical DC.
It is absolutely doable/advisable to convert a DC to a VM...all my DCs are VMs. Did you P2V your physical DC to a virtual one? Sometimes doing a P2V causes issues. I P2V'd all my DCs without any issues (thankfully), but I have seen some posts on here where there has been. That being said, with the issues you're having, I recommend building up a clean VM from scratch (that is also VMware's official stance, not just with DCs, but any VM); add whatever server roles you want (DNS, DHCP, etc.); promote it to a DC; transfer FSMO roles to it from your other DC VM; demote your 1st DC VM; change the IP of your 1st VM to DHCP; change the IP of your new DC VM to the IP of your old DC. You should then be good to go.

As per  my knowledge this seems to be the issue with the P2V process which you have done... Better do it agiain and make sure that the NIC showing in the Virtual Machine is using the Vmware nic driver rather than the Physical Nic..... check the Nic information is changed or not in the device manager.
Was DNS AD integrated?

 When pinging the IP is the -a switch used for both IP and host name, is the FQDN returned?

I would prefer two DC's one physical (if using MS DNS) and any number virtual.
That way DNS would be available no matter what state the host was in.
gogimathewAuthor Commented:
The solution was partially correct.
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