Script to add global groups to local groups in windows 2003 server

Hi Experts,

Do you have any working vb script or batch script to add global group to local group.
My domain name is :
Global group to add is: Vision-Diags-dev.
Local group : Sogeti Vision Developers.

Can you add this  above details in the script and send it to me as i am a newbie in scripting.

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Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Above statement can run directly from command line. But you can also include this statement in batch script (.cmd or .bat extension) without any modification.

Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Try this:
NET LOCALGROUP "Sogeti Vision Developers"\Vision-Diags-dev /Add

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Pranav0981Author Commented:
Hi Should i save this as a .bat extension in a notepad or should i run this thing in a commandline
Pranav0981Author Commented:
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