how to hide sender name/ address when a mail is delivered to certain mail address

we need to create a mailbox in our domain, allow users to sned complains to this mailbox. the important issue that we need to hide the sender address/ name to be able to treat cases with integrity and not be able to trace the sender.

i.e sure it can be traced on thre server, but we don't want it to be traced on the user profile
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The nature of email withi its defined senders and recipients, means this would be not easy to achieve, and may require cost for software.

I suggest a webform is used for achieveing anonymity.

David LeeCommented:
Hi, h_fahim.

It's not possible to hide the sender's name.  You've three choices.

1.  Follow StinkyPete's suggestion and use a webform.  This is actually the simplest solution.
2.  Create a common use mailbox and give everyone the ability to sign into it.  When a user wants to submit a complaint they sign into that mailbox, create and send a message.  Because everyone signs in with the same credentials it'll be impossible to tell who is who.
3.  Use a third-party tool like vbSendMail to send emails using a service account.  You could create a complaint form using an HTA.  The user would run the HTA, fill in the complaint form, and on clicking send the complaint would be sent using the third-party tool.  Since the tool would use a service account the sender would be unidentifiable.  This is essentially the same as the webform approach, only it runs from the workstation instead of from a web server.

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h_fahimAuthor Commented:
the reson is areanable but it didn't add or solve my case
David LeeCommented:
I don't normally complain about how an author closes a question, but in this case giving me a "C" is inappropriate.  You want to do something that is not possible to do.  Some things just cannot be done no matter no badly you want to do it.  Question grading is supposed to be based on these factors

1.  Was the solution complete?  Yes, I said it cannot be done and offered alternative ways of achieving your goal.
2.  Was the solution accurate?  Yes, it cannot be done in the way you want to do it.
3.  Was the solution easy to follow?  Yes, since it can't be done there really is nothing to follow.

(see this article for guidance on grading:

Grading is not supposed to be based on whether you liked the answer which is the criteria you appear to have applied here.
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