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I need to have some security softwares such as such as Trend internet PRO, kaspersky internet security 2010, Malwarebytes and Registry mecanic on a USB pen drive and use them in diffrent computers.  I will be using these softwares for virus, root kit and malware cleaning purposes.
Is this possible? Do I need any software for this?

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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
I also do this all the time.  I make my USB bootable first though so that if I come to a computer which is having serious problems I can boot to my USB.  Check out my article at there is a link in the last paragraph to the site I use.  I also recommend keeping a synced backup of your USB on your computer for a couple of reasons.  First it's good to have a backup, 2nd if you are using it with infected machines it might get infected, 3rd if these machines or any machine has decent anti-malware installed on it some of your programs will get deleted (combofix is often seen as malware) because of the way in which they work.

I have about 7gb worth of apps on my stick and the majority of them are for cleaning machines.  You can get some great stuff from and

If you do this a lot I also recommend creating your own bootable CD (see article above) since a CD can't be altered by the infected system.
Yes, i do this all the time.

I would recommend Microsoft Security Essentials but use whatever antivirus/malware you want.  The one thing you want to make sure you do though is include the latest version of the virus definitions.  If you go with Malwarebytes, make sure to grab the latest definitions for that as well.

Also, I use CCleaner for the registry portion.
Just install it as you normally would to an alternate location. If the USB drive become e: then change the install path to e:. Only problems you might encounter is if the program has a service that stays running or files that are locked in use, when you attempt to Safely Remove, it will fail on you until all of the program files are no longer in use.

This might help too:
How do you know if your security is working?

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AdsayaaAuthor Commented:
Hi Paulway!

How can I install those software to a pen drive? for exsample I have two Computers called A and B. B is infected by a virus/Malware. I use computer A to update my USB pendrive programs such as Malwarebytes then I use the USB pen drive to clean computer B.

Is this possible?

Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:

Pick your USB drive as the installation target for Malwarebytes, install to USB drive, run software and update definitions and you are ready to go.  Do the same with any other app you wish to use.  Some apps won't run from a stick because they install stuff to the system folder or the registry.  But many apps if you do the minimal install will be okay.  Almost all the apps on the sites I gave will work fine.  

Like tzucker said, you just install to the USB drive.  I'm not sure about Registry Mechanic (just never used it), but most of the others should install just fine.

If you find an app that won't install to USB, you could try something like MojoPac (, but I usually just find another app that does what I need on USB.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
Forget Registry Mechanic.  I have about 20 registry apps that work from USB.  Go to and do a search on registry.
"...I use computer A to update my USB pendrive programs such as Malwarebytes then I use the USB pen drive to clean computer B.Is this possible?..."

Yes it is, but not with Malwarebytes - you would need to install it on Computer B.
A Squared produces a downloadable Emergency USB Stick app. which can be run from the flash drive without installing it:

Halfway down the list. It is freeware.

Another very useful program which you can run from the USB stick without the need to install is System Engineer:

I use this a lot to repair file associations and other stuff.

ATFCleaner will likewise run without being installed:

This is great for clearing the temp. file cache etc.

All of the above will run from the USB stick without you having to install them.

Is this what you mean?

Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
There is a list of remover apps here that are portable:

You can also run a number of anti-rootkit apps see my article on anti-rootkit for links to a bunch:

F-secure Blacklight, Gmer, PAVARK, Radix, Sophos, SpyDLLRemover, RootKitRevealer

For anti-malware apps google the following there are portable versions of all of them:

Appremover, a-squared, clamwin, flash disinfector, multi virus cleaner, spy protector, stinger

Check out this page for 2 prepackaged apps that are easily installed on your USB and free:

You could try this app that creates a USB bootable with a range of anti-virus tools.  Excellent for scanning machines that can't boot because of malware!

Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility

Multiple Antivirus Bootable Rescue CD Utility - Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility by Britec
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