Grey "X" over offline files in Windows 7?

In our environment we utitlize offline files.  This works well but as you probably already know we have some Win 7 machines that don't want to play nice.  One of the machines is showing a light grey "x" over the files.  When you try to double click the file it says something to the effect like "this file cannot be accessed by this computer etc..".

Now when i go to the server where the user is syncing to on the server (logging in on the server console) the files are all there.  When i try to sync the files it says "Competing syncing files" but nothing happens.  

Ive tried disabling offline files and rebooting and nothing seems to work, those files still show the light grey X over them, not all the files but just a handful.

Any ideas?
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A red X appears over any disconnected network drives.

Vista show a dimmed x against files that haven't been cached after you disconnect.
same win7
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
this is win7 and its a GREY x, if you click the file it wont open it even though it exists on server and have been verified, even if you sync all files, even if you disable and reenable offline files, nothing seems to fix..
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I had very bad luck with offline files in Vista and did not even try in Windows 7. This is not an answer to your question, but if you wish to consider a work-around, look at SyncBack Pro from Try it on one machine and see what you think. ... Thinkpads_User
I'm half color blind, so what do I know!   LOL
So I go by what the manual says what color it is, but it could be GREY
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
ever tried to right-click and choose Properties? what does the Properties window say?

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orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
There are additional steps to take but this seemed to come the closet to working.  Thank you.
Thanks for feedback. If you can add anything here would be helpful for others later.
Neethu LalithaCommented:
I restarted my computer and it worked
rahul raskarCommented:
i also got same issue  and I spent whole day with other troubleshooting. After restarting system it is working.
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