outlook 2007 calender hang

Hi we are based in London had have outsourced exchange to a Rackspace hosted in the US. we have three issues. We are using outlook 2007 SP2. on XP SP3. We run an ISP so our bandwidth is not an issue.

1. when we open tools options delegates it takes 30+ seconds ( typically 2,3 minutes!) to open the delegates box and populate the box with users names ( only 12 names) . when the permissions are changed this also hangs for 2,3 minutes before eventually opening again.

We have a sister company who are also with rackspace in the same building but on a different network, but the delegates open with no problem.

2. our secretary share calenders to view about 8-10 users appointments, this can cause outlook to "not respond" then restart.

3. after opening outlook it can take a minute to actually connect to the mailbox.

I have followed repeated porcesses to try to resolve. reducing number of calenders seems to be the only thing that works. However users are now complaining as they no longer have the same functionality . But given the above issue I wonder if the two are linked by the same cause. ?????????

The emails work fine. Are there any network setting that could be causing this kind of  delay any router setting which may need to be looked at I?
as I'm at a loss., sny suggestions would be welcome.


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Barney1970Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Discovered that pb was caused by setting the global address book as the default. After changing to locally cached address book the problem was resolved
Does the sister company have 12 users in the delegates tab?
I believe best practice is no more than 1 http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HA103715211033.aspx 
How much memory does the secretary have on his/her system?
Barney1970Author Commented:
Hi , I think I found the answer......
When we migrated users to the outsourced exchange the address book was set to the Global address Book on the hosted server. as opposed to the locally cached address book. The reason this was done was because the local address book was only being updated periodically and while the users were being migrated it was causing problems as they couldn't find thier names etc.

Having removed all the delegates from my setup, changing the address book to use the locally cached version, restarting outlook, and the delegates Tab, it open in  a couple of seconds as well as addin the user names...... i've jet to se if this makes a difference to the Calender. I'll report shortly.....

Thanks for you're replies tho... ofcourse youdidn't have the info above to help you but thanks anyway
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