Recovery after replacing the motherboard

We had a problem with our Dell shutting down and reseting  randomly.  Dell replaced the motherboard but now we don't see any of the virtual machines that we set up.  I thought all the xenserver info would be saved on the hard drives and don't understand why we can't see them.  

Is there a way to recover the information that should be there on the hard drives?
Are there steps I have to take to make the server see the vm's that were there before the motherboard was replaced?

We are running a Dell Poweredge with Xenserver and Xcalibur software to manage the vm's.
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Did they replace the Raid card too, because your raid cards might have had some information that you need to recreate.
peacfulrvrAuthor Commented:
there was no mention of the raid card being replaced.  Is replacing the Raid card standard when you replace the motherboard?
peacfulrvrAuthor Commented:
Let's say they didn't replace the Raid card ... is there a way to recover the work we did setting up the vm's
is there a raid card or is the raid on the motherboard ?

do you have the mobo name / number?

can you boot into xenserver ?

can you see the disks in xensevrer ?
peacfulrvrAuthor Commented:
Dell is sending someone to work on it further
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