How to determine days how many days are left for Transaction Log file names?

Received the below alert:
"Alert: Information Store (6608) Storage Group 2: Log sequence numbers for this instance have almost been completely consumed. The current log generation is 918000 (0x000E01F0) which is approaching the maximum log generation of 1048559 (0x000FFFEF), there are 130559 (0x0001FDFF) log generations left to be used. To begin renumbering from generation 1, the instance must be shutdown cleanly and all log files must be deleted. Backups will be invalidated."

What is the best way to determine how many days we have lefts so we can plan on an outage window?

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Exchange uses transaction log files that are numbered sequentially. The first file name in the transaction log file sequence is "E nn 00001.log." The file names increase sequentially to "E nn ffff0.log."

Note In this log file name, nn is the number of the storage group.

The maximum number of transaction log files that can be generated in a single sequence is 1,048,560 (0xFFFF0).

Now in regards to planning a maintenance window you can only make an assumption the assumption would be by looking at say yesterdays transaction logs and counting them so if for example we had 900 transaction logs for yesterday we would multiply 900 X X amount until we reach 130559 remember this is not an accurate way for the obvious reason such as Spam etc I would resolve this a.s.a.p.

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