Restricting Availability of published public contact folder

I have a contact folder in my Exchange 2003 public folders that has been restricted to departmental managers, who have read only access. i would like to publish this to BES Express (i found that part), but it doesn't publish (i'm assuming i need rights from BESAdmin). What i don't know is the minimum rights required for BESAdmin to publish it, and how to restrict who has the ability to add it via web desktop manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello -
The BlackBerry service account (BESadmin) requires Owner permission for any public contact folder configured for wireless synchronization in the BlackBerry Administration Service.  If the folder exists within another folder, the BESadmin account requires Owner permissions for the entire directory structure.

The BlackBerry user will require Read and Visible permissions for any public contact folder to be enabled for synchronization with their account. Alternatively, default can be listed as Reviewer.

Hope this helps.

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spaceman65807Author Commented:
i found the docs and caveats on the blackberry site, it appears i just needed a little confirmation on my suspicions. Thank you
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