Slow Apache

i have a server with i7 920 processor 8 cores and 12 Gb ram
i have installed 2 os. with vmware  one of them for mysql cent os
one of them for cpanel and i have get one site which has 40.000 unique visitor daily
and my site is always gotting down and when i trace it make picks to the 700 Mbits

Cpanel os has 4 core and 5 Gb of ram
Mysql has 4 cores and 3 Gb of ram

i checked my sistem does not make any compression for sites
how could i make a faster apache and faster php
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madunixCommented:    is a must.
can you check the following:
- look in /var/log any suspicious
- do you have free drive space, but do all partitions have free space
- are all the file systems OK? fsck
- memory diagnostic.... could be a bad piece of RAM
- check apache config
- check mysql config it could memory setting bigger than your actual RAM (if you have mysql)
- trace your php apps
- Apache service starts with no errors??
- check Apache error log if contains hints

Does your site have database interaction which could be slowing things down on each request?  If so, you will want to optimize your queries to ensure they are not slow.

You may also try caching your page output or using a product such as Zend Optimizer ( which will optimize your PHP Code.

CahitEyAuthor Commented:
there is no database interaction my db server is another server , and it answer perfectly
this is a vbulleting form and it is working perfect on  my exhost with 16gb ram machine but they have 160 sites
i could not understand why site is always down and why it gets 700 Mbits :S
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