NetGear FVS318 VPN Question - 64bit windows VPN Client Connection

We are planning a deployment of a mobile work force (small – 8 users) who will all have Windows-7 x64bit laptops. The current firewall is a NetGear FVS318. I have heard there are issues with the NetGear VPN client running on a x64bit system.

They will be accessing shares on a Server 2008 x64 behind the firewall.

Is anyone out there using this topology? Can anyone verify that the NetGear VPN client will support the Win-7 x64 bit OS and allow the VPN access?

NetGear’s website is nebulous on the issue. It states that the firewall is compatible with Win-7, but does not explicitly mention 64bit or its VPN client (here. )

We just don't want to get stuck in a quagmire of compatability issues with the 64-bit OS. I would just assume upgrade to a SonicWall TZ-180 if we had to. But as the current infrastructure supports everything else we are currently doing, we weere hoping that we could leverage the FVS318 into this service as well.

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I believe the information that mojopojo has obtained from Netgear support is valuable and others could benefit.  Whether points are awarded or not, I'm requesting this question NOT be deleted and mojopojo post a comment with the information obtained from Negear support.
I'm not going to answer from a perspective that's deployed the scenario you specified.  However, I have been assisting others posting questions about VPN deployments in general utilizing the Netgear hardware.  My recommendation is don't do it.  If Netgear is nebulous, it's for a good reason.  I've seen the client has had several issues deployed in a Win7 64-bit environment IF it's functioned at all.  I've successfully deployed the Sonicwall GVC in a 64-bit environment.  My two cents.  Like you, I'll wait to see if other Experts have had better experiences.
@mojopojo:  The points weren't necessary, but are appreciated.  I'm going ahead and including your comments in the original request to delete the question.

mojopojo contacted Netgear support and obtained the following information:

NetGear support says that they will not be upgrading the firm-ware to support 64bit SSL for the NetGear FVS318.
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
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