How to become a system builder?

I have clients in constant need of new computers but at inexpensive rates. Could save them a little if built myself but what is costly is purchasing those OS (XP Pro, 7 Business, & Home) from retail stores. What are the actual steps to become a Micrsoft system builder and purchase their software as OEM and receive the COAs for these OS's? Thx...
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
xav1963Author Commented:
Thx for info... will look it over... I have assembled computers before... I just need help with acquiring MS OEM software....
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
see the link I gave you - it has all of the details about it :-)
I know this is not what you asked, but I am going to add my $.02, FWIW.....

OEMs have started putting out machines for less than $300-$350, for an entry level workstation. For example, Dell is always putting out thier SB Machines for cheap, and usually are not expensive to get a few decent upgrades on.....

For example, they have a Vostro right now for $299. Add $105 to upgrade to the small Core 2 Duo, $43 to upgrade to 2GB Ram, and if you need it on a Domain, only $99 for Windows 7 Professional. Total Cost $546.

If something breaks, you dont have to go onsite, remove a part, and deal with the replacements. First year of support and on site service if needed is standard.....

Plus, they are always giving away free displays/bundles/upgrades.....

Last TigerDirect mailer I saw over the weekend, had a BareBones system for $199, still neeed to buy the OS $99 depending on version perhaps?). I dont charge less than 2 hours @ $75 for an OS install (I do a full optimization/base apps install/malware protection etc.). So that right there is about $448. So for $100 more you dont have to mess with the amount of time spent building a PC/Updates/Apps etc.....

I know youre prices might be different, I just wanted to stress some of the pros I feel, when it comes to building systems. I used to do it, but now that the OEMs are just trying to get Market Share and lose money on a baseline PC, it has changed the game a bit. I have a few local PC stores that buy these even, and  get better deals than we get online....

Do some research and you might be surprised......

To compete with Dell, HP, and other large OEMs on Windows cost, you'll need a royalty license and that's not available for small system builders. Otherwise, you are limited to OEM versions which anyone can now buy. Newegg is about as cheap as anyone for OEM software.

johnb6767 makes a good point. It's difficult to purchase equivalent hardware for Dell's price which includes the OS.

I still build some systems when necessary to get desired configuration or when requested by previous customers (a good reputation helps there). Customers are told on front end that prices will be higher than Dell and HP.
xav1963Author Commented:
KCTS gave me the correct answer so he receives the majority of points. But I do agree with the reasoning of johnb6767 and willcomp and will stick to purchasing name-brands.... thx for all the info...
Michael KnightCommented:
I for one concur johnb, I order for my offices and the properties we manage, It used to make sense to build these boxes as "parting them out" was cheaper. But like you, I can pick up a solid workstation with a 2 year warranty and a pro operating system for $600 delivered. to me it's a no brainer, yes there's 30 minutes removing all the bundled crap, and installing AV/MBAM etc., but no longer than it would take me to figure out the jumper config on a stand alone main board, and do driver installs. I still build my own computers for myself, for gaming or media center but for 'pencil pushers' a $600 dollar machine is fine.
xav1963, I'm assuming your goal is to make money, I remember being able to build a system from scratch with about $350 in parts, I was a System Builder so out the door i was looking at about $500 actual cost, and I'd add a $300-$400 markup and get systems to people tops $1000, while Dell was selling inferior boxes for $1400 +tax. Now adays, you can buy some pretty awesome machines for $ why would they need me? My profit margin would be so low, it's not worth it. meaning, I can't compete with an OEM, nor do i want to. It's really hard to make money in the parts game unless you're dealing with totally clueless clients, If you have a decent pricing scale at say CDW or another big name that actually has sales managers, and volume pricing (most don't now) you can still make $50-$100 here or there on abstract cables and peripheals, but as soon as they find're done. So I don't  play the parts game anymore, but it was fun while it lasted :)  Before i went all corporate and stuff I made the bulk of my money fixing computers I had never touched before, you know malware and the like, and programming freelance in the slow time, I made fine money, but the industry is definately shifting.
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