Shared folder with file locking in Win 2008 Srv R2


I was tasked by one of my customers today, to find out if this below is possible.

They want a shared folder between all their domain users (they've got an AD with folder redirection on My Documents and Desktop) where they'll store attendance reports amongst other things.
First solution is of course to create a folder share and map the directory, as per usual. But here's the kicker:

They want this shared folder to be a regular folder in their My Documents (already redirected, remember). I'm thinking folder redirection again - can a redirected folder be shared amongst users without posing any problems? And can you put a redirected folder within another redirected folder?

Question number two - they need some kind of file lock on every file in this shared folder, so that it's impossible for two users to open the same document. Can this be done without third party tools? If not - is there a good and very cost effective third party software for this?

We're looking at computer illiterates here, so every solution made simple is a blessing for them.

So, to sum things up:

* They want "My Documents/Folder" to link directly to a shared folder on the server
* They want everything file in this folder to be locked to a single simultaneous user - not the folder itself.

Thank you in advance!
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Plano TechIT SpecialistCommented:
wwraverAuthor Commented:
Sorry, no. That article is about someone unwantingly getting their files locked, which apparently had to do with security permissions. What I need it to automatically lock files in a certain folder so that only one user can open them at a time. Other users trying to open that particular file should be told that it's already open by another user, and preferably which user it is.

Thank you for taking your time though!
Hi wwraver,

To the best of my knowledge, I do believe you can perform a folder redirection within My Documents, please see this resource to see if this is a solution:

In terms of locking a file on an individual basis, personally, I've only ever used Interwoven (Filesite, Desksite, Mailsite) to accomplish a relevant index the way you are explaining it. I won't say it's a "very cost effective third party tool" but it does serve as a unique type of structure of files. You can modify permissions as you see fit, extremely useful in insurance and law firm environments.

Wish you the best, gl
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wwraverAuthor Commented:
Hey and thank you dexIT. I'll look into the Interwoven suite.
About the resource you posted, it really only describes the standard folder redirection as I've already got running. The issue here is to redirect a folder within another redirected folder.

My Documents currently points to \\SERVER\Redirect$ on every computer. I want My Documents\FolderXXX to redirect to another place, like \\SERVER\Shared Documents$. Creating a redirect within the redirect... if you follow me :)

IF this ain't possible, I'll have to look into redirecting a new folder that aren't redirected already. But how does that pan out if several users use the exact same folder? This is also the folder I'd like to have some kind of file locking on.
Currently, I don't even know how or if it's possible to redirect a completely custom folder.
OK, I understand completely what you're trying to do. I can't say that I've done it before, but you can accomplish this by using group policy.

Please see these resources below:
wwraverAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, dexIT.

None of the resources still explains my issue though, I'm afraid. I'm aware that you can let people inside your redirected folders through security permissions etc. And that you can redirect people from different groups in different folder shares.

But it seems to come down to this:

* I can't redirect a custom folder, which immediately screws my idea over :/
* Even if the idea already failed... it doesn't look like you can redirect several users to the same physical folder.

I need "My Documents\FolderXXX" redirected to "\\SERVER\FolderXXX", not "\\SERVER\folder\%username%\FolderXXX"

It just sucks, because when running Office 2007 - for example - finding a mapped drive is really annoying for a computer illiterate. But I guess I'll have to write some thorough documentation :)
wwraverAuthor Commented:
I gave up on this and installed Windows Sharepoint Services instead - it does the trick.

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