Are these Windows updates really needed?

Hi Experts,

Windows updates is asking to install Office 2007 Updates.  The trial version on this brand new installation of windows 7 has been uninstalled.  Office will never be installed on this laptop.  This laptop has just been restored  to factory defaults, minus all the crap-ware and trial stuff.  

 Microsoft Works IS installed and functional.

The question is: Will the computer be OK without these updates?  

Thank you.  This is  the 1st of many Win 7 questions I will present to you Experts.
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Is there anything else from Office installaed like the compatibility pack?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Once you have uninstalled everything (as suggested above) you certainly do not need to do updates. If it keeps asking, it means an installed component remains, but you can uncheck the update and mark the setting that says do not ask me again. That update will not come back to you. ... Thinkpads_User
Donnie, can you list the updates that are presented to you?  If there's plenty, and you can fit them all in one screen, please press the "prt scr" button on your keyboard, open microsoft paint, then choose the "edit" then "paste" commands, save as a jpeg, then upload here for us to view.  Thank you in advance.
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I forgot to mention, as MS Office and MS Works are pretty much the same software, some of the updates that you're presented with may apply to Works.

I know this from personal experience, as a person can install Works, and purchase the MS Office upgrade discs, and it will upgrade the Works installation (great way to save a ton of cash!).
Of course it will work without updates ....
How do you think it got that far ?
Senad, I don't think Donnie was asking "will my system work without the updates", I think he was asking "Will the computer  be OK without these updates?"

In him asking that question, I was assuming he meant "secure, and reliable".  Donnie, can you clarify your question?
Donnie616Author Commented:
Compatibility pack is NOT installed

Ok, there are no longer any updates presented to me.  That is so AFTER I unchecked 8 possible Office related updates,  including Compat Pack.  They did not return for me to DL and install.

No Available updates is the message I am now seeing.  Meaning that no office components remain installed ?  Can I assume I am good to go ?  

And sir, I did mean will it be ok in the future without the updates. I think it got that far before I made changes, added things, removed things, etc.  lots of "THINGS"---by default.  PC is no longer in defaiult mode, so again, will this PC require these updates for the future after all the changes I made?  That is what I meant.

Anyways I think i have the answer above.

Thanks to all
No beacause you unchecked them they do not appear, but that does not means that you do not need them

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Donnie616Author Commented:
Ok thanks for that.  On reviewing updates installed, there are is Powerpoiont veiwer, but that got installed with MS Works.  then there are 2 separate updates specifically for Works that i installed before I came here for help.  If there is no Office 2007 components besides Powerpoint, why would I need updates specific to Office 2007?  

Then again, what harm would there be in installing those 8 updates?  Just some extra clutter I guess, but that is not new in Windows?

  If an update says WORKs and another says OFFICE, isn't that what they mean?  Does WORKS require Office updates?  

I have more questions now than when I began.
No harm. The update even will not be installed if the are not required!
I'm sure they're listed because of the Ppt Viewermd
Please execute this command and post the result:
start -> run -> wimc product get name
Donnie, I wouldn't fuss about it really.  I would just install the updates.  If you're curious as to what they do, simply click on the update and the details are in the right hand side of the window.

You are correct, if the updates didn't need to be applied, they wouldn't be there.
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