Hide Linux OS type/version from scans/fingers on web server

I just created a web server running on ubuntu 9.1 with apache2,  php5 and mysql.    

I was just running a security scan on the server using Nessus.   When it was done it told me that it was able to find out the operating system running on the box is:
 ---- Remote operating system : Linux Kernel 2.6 on Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)

I would like to be able to hide this information from scans.   Can anyone tell me how to do this using ubuntu, apache, or whatever other mechanism works.
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fosiul01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
in apache conf file

ServerTokens ProductOnly
ServerSignature Off

it will hide those

TSCATAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  I will give that a try
learn modsecurity
its a great good product to protect your web server

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TSCATAuthor Commented:
is that open source?
yap love this product,

i am not that good anyway but still trying to learn but by default its good really good
TSCATAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly.   I searched the file for the entries but did not find them.  I just added them to the end of the file exactly as you referenced above and restarted Apache.  No more OS and Apache version info on my errors and network scans.  Thanks!
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