What are the 5 top issues from existing McAfee EPO users, on this product?

Researching McAfee EPO.  Need to know the 5 top issues users are experiencing with McAfee's EPO.  Primarily directed toward IT Admins.
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The single biggest problem I see posted is when the SysAdmin is going through an ePO version 'upgrade' and maintaining/reestablishing communication with the local host agents.

In the vast majority of these situations, the problem is resolved by following the basic trouble-shooting guide. On rare occasions there will a problem that is not of the basic variety, but we have some pretty sharp ePO "Pros" who can sort things out pretty quickly.

FWIW - I've been a fan of ePO since the late 90's and I don't think I could list "5" problems/issues I've dealt with in all those years.

Probably the biggest PITA I've had to deal with in all this time is some moron SysAdmin creating duplicate host names and adding them to the network without telling me. ePO doesn't play well with duplicate names.

I try to monitor the McAfee Zone and will update this list if I see anything worth mentioning.

Good question, BTW.
Another suggestion - click on the "Request Attention" link at the bottom right of your question and ask the Moderators to add this to the "Enterprise Anti-Virus" and "McAfee" Zones.

That would expose it to a more direct audience of ePO Experts.
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