integrating blogs, wiki, facebook with a coldfusion website with single sign on

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Our website is in coldfusion. We have microsoft sql server. we created a table in our database having the userid, name, , url,login name and password for his social activity. I mean with social activity facebook, wiki, blogs, google docs, etc.
Is there a way (web service or a plug in) that when the user clicks a link point to the specified url of his social activity it can take the login name and password (encrypted) and provide it to facebook, google docs, etc. i.e I do not want the user to be prompted to enter his login name and password this will be retrieved from our database.
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You will have to simulate a login form submission to each of these services. The exact requirements will vary with each site. Unless they each have some sort of webservice created for this, I am not sure if they do.
You would probably want to pass these values in a script that references the API of each service...each service will have a different possibly, way of doing this.

I might google the API's for each service that you want... and see if that is helpful.

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