I was given the following instructions from a vendor because I was having trouble pushing out a button within Outlook, to all of the PC's in our domain. The application appears to be says, 'now installing blah blah application' but it only takes 10 seconds. When it's done, it's not in add/remove programs, the service never installs etc.

They sent me the following and I need step by step instuctions on what to do with the instructions.

"These are the steps I was given to push the MSI out. The 1st step is to push out the interop assemblies for Office 2003 using the following script with a runonce command: (I don't know how to do this, and is it done on the server or desktop PC?)

Deploy the assemblies by startup script as an alternative  Sample, with "runonce" (one line) if not exist %systemroot%\o2003pia.log msiexec /i \\server\share\o2003pia.msi /qb- /l*e %systemroot%\o2003pia.log (When i tried this, replaced the info with my server name and share etc. using cmd. it goes into this continual loop with DOS that never stops until I quit the dos prompt)

If this is successful, use the included DMConfig.XML file and the generic MSI to push out the button. Please do not use your DMConfig.XML file.(I guess the .msi and the DMConfig.XML go into my SDP, like normail

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bernardbAuthor Commented:
The vendor says the problem wasn't with my company alone. They're having trouble pushing out the new .msi at all sites and they're trying a work around for me because they have no idea when it will be repaired and we've already paid for the product. So so so sorry for the delayed response Experts! Thanks for you help
I think you need put some like this in the scrip
If exist %systemroot%\o2003pia.log
If not exist %systemroot%\o2003pia.log reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" /v "LUSetup" /d "\\Path\To\Your\script.cmd" /f

Save the following in the "script.cmd"

If it doesnt find the log, it will add the script.cmd to "RunOnce" at next logon......

@echo off
c:\windows\system32\msiexec /i "\\server\share\o2003pia.msi" /qb- /l*e %systemroot%\o2003pia.log

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bernardbAuthor Commented:
I'm looking for help writing the script period. I don't know how or what to use. .bat?

Add this into your script, to detect the file, and if not presetn, it will create the RunOnce....

If not exist %systemroot%\o2003pia.log reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" /v "ButtonInstall" /d "\\Path\To\Your\script.cmd" /f
Using your login script, would be ideal....

Heck you could even push it out to all pc's in the domain using PsExec.....

For me this sounds like oyu just have to install a msi in the user context.
RunOnce is a option to execute a command one time, but what they done is to execute it one time and to make sure that it will not run twice by creating and checking a logfile.
if not exist %systemroot%\o2003pia.log msiexec /i \\server\share\o2003pia.msi /qb- /l*e %systemroot%\o2003pia.log
But this does not make sense as the RunOnce key is removing itself. Like the name says "Run Once"

The overall question is: Does it need admin rights to install the msi?!?

I don't check that "DMConfig.XML" part...
bernardbAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks everyone, give me a quick second to absorb this and get right back to you all.
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
It looks like you are pushing a .MSI.  Have you tried just using a Software Install in a GPO for this?

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