Event log errors on W2K PowerEdge 2650 ID 4097

I have a Server that is having some errors. Server Stats:
 MS Windows 2000  Version 5.0.2195 SP 4 Build 2195
 Dell PowerEdge 2650 with Dell PERC 3 RAID

I only noticed the errors when the McAfee daily updates stopped working which led me
to the event log. (which obviously I should have checked before now) (McAfee daily updates
evidently stopped working last week on 4/6).

The following three errors have been happening between 5 and 10 times each month since December 2009, and
only once so far this month on April 1.  The same three errors appear each time together:

1)  Source:  afamgt EventID: 4097  Desc:  \Device\AFA0 : ID(0:02:0); Error Event [command:0x28]  
2)  Source:  afamgt EventID: 4097  Desc:  \Device\AFA0 : ID(0:02:0); Hardware Error [k:0x4,c:0x40,q:0x8c]
3)  Source:  afamgt EventID: 4097  Desc:  \Device\AFA0 : ID(0:02:0); RAM Failure

Using the Open Array Manager s/w, there is no indication of a problem, and the only event listed is:

Source:  perc2Pro EventID:  580 Desc:  PERC 3/Di Controller 0, battery low.

The battery error appears once every two - four months.  

I plan to reboot this evening, but has anyone seen this before?
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I would call up Dell first and mention the KCQ code, they should be able to tell you more.
netw-virgoAuthor Commented:
thanks flying - i saw that post also. Would you just go down this list and start with replacing memory?
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netw-virgoAuthor Commented:
The server is out of 'extended' warranty, so I'm not sure they will help me, but I'll give it a shot.
If you don't want to pay Dell for support, the only obvious option is either replace the memory, or the RAID card. If you have extra memory, I will try memory first as it's easy to do.
netw-virgoAuthor Commented:
the KCQ code indicates corrupt ESM firmware according to dell.  I'm going to update that tonight and report back when I finish working with Dell.  thanks.
netw-virgoAuthor Commented:
I forgot I had this open after Dell helped me resolve.   Solution was to upgrade BIOS, ESM firmware & RAID controller firmware.
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