Backup to NAS Device

Hi There

I am having an issue backing up a foundation Server 2008 to a NAS Device using Foundation Servers builtin Backup feature.

I have created a share on the NAS Device which I would like to backup to but receive and error(attached)

Any Ideas how I can sort this out?

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Often the file system on a NAS device is linux based and thus you can not use VSS to backup to it.

If possible, see if your NAS device supports iSCSI and configure some space that way. This will then appear as a local drive on the server and should allow you to use VSS to backup in this way
Nenad RajsicCommented:
try to map that folder (example drive Z:) and reconfigure your job to point to drive Z and try again. let me know if that works
junzcptAuthor Commented:
Hardwire - the options I have available on the NAS (attached). Are there any other options?

vukovarcan - I have attached the error received by Foundation Servers Backup utility when trying to use drive letter.


Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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Well based on that, you could try putting the path as:

\\(insert NAS IP address here)\Serverdata\

See if that works
junzcptAuthor Commented:
Hardwire - from my 1st image you will note that I am backing up to \\\Serverdata\backup\test

Nenad RajsicCommented:
On your seagate drive when you create shares do you need to specify which user can do what?
if you go to start>run and type in that UNC path can you access it that way? Do you get a prompt for username/password?

i was using adpatec's Snap NAS servers and whenever i shared something i had to specify which user can access (LDAP/AD and local) what
junzcptAuthor Commented:
if i go \\nasdrive it comes up with the shares straight away.

I need to get this working..I see ppl out there say it cant be done to a NAS device! .Is there anyway in tricking windows to think the NAS is a local drive?

what are my other options here . I need to get windows backup to backup to the NAS.

junzcptAuthor Commented:
Can I backup to a share on my local drive c:\ - backup location ..\\servername\sharename

When I tery this I get the following errro: -

"The requested operation could not be completed due to file system limitation."

I was thinking if I could backup like this then I could just right a script to copy to the NAS Drive.

junzcptAuthor Commented:
Anyone care to answer?
Nenad RajsicCommented:
might be a stupid question but what is the file system on your local hard drives. can you make sure it's NTFS? it's weird that you cannot even backup to you local hard drive.

when you create a job you are promted for a username/password - checked them?
junzcptAuthor Commented:
checked definatlely NTFS..all 100%. I can backup to a share on a XP Machine. works fine

Nenad RajsicCommented:
see this article> it might be related to your problem. you will need to download a network monitor tool from MS and capture traffic when you run your job to see what is going on
junzcptAuthor Commented:
Backing up to XP Share and the scripted the backup to copy to NAS Drive. Only way of getting it to work at the momnent!

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