TS Gateway and SSL Certificates

I have been testing a terminal services environment as follows:

3 Server 2008 Terminal Servers load balanced using NLB.
1 TS Gateway Server also running the Session Broker.

Since this was only a test I created and installed a self-signed cert. generated by the TS Gateway server.  Everything works fine as long as I manually install the cert. on the client computers.

My question is if I purchase a 3rd party cert. from GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Verisign will the client computers still need to manually install the certificate?

Obviously, I am trying to avoid this because I have 250 remote users that DEFINITELY will have issues doing this.
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conradjonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes it needs be the public FQDN, also needs to be issued by a CA that is trusted by default installations of windows verisign or thawte should be fine
no the clients will be okay with a correct certificate, but the server name will have to be correct.

currently i am in the same situation, so i wrote a little program in c# that installs the certificate for them
BSModlinAuthor Commented:
Ok, so just to clarify... If I purchase a 3rd party cert. it must have the same name as the public FQDN of the TS Gateway Server, correct?  Anything else I should know in preparation?  I do not want the users installing these certs. manually.
BSModlinAuthor Commented:
What about Network Solutions?
network solutions is also okay
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