Date Picker not appearing for some users... Just a white box.

I am having a problem with some users on the network not being able to use the date picker control in a Sharepoint list.  I am using the default built-in date picker control, no customized code.  When these users click on the little calendar icon to pick the date, instead of being presented with a popup calendar to pick from, they just get an empty white popup box.  I have searched and searched for a solution to this problem and can find nothing.  I've tried updating browsers and java and all that fun stuff.  Still to no avail.  I have basically duplicated the versions of browsers and java on computers that can use the date picker with those who cannot.  It still does not fix the issue.  I'm pulling my hair out..  If anyone has some advice, I'd appreciate it.
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1) Has the browsers Google Bar or other plugins installed that can affect the behavior of the DatePicker ?

2) Try to remove the object (DatePicker) and insert it again.

3) Did you restart all PCs that had problems after upgrading ?

4) What is the role of Java in this case ?
One thing you want to check is what master page are you referencing?
ShattyPAuthor Commented:
No google toolbar or any of that junk.  Just vanilla IE.  I'm using the same master page that I use in all of my lists I create.  But like I said, some computers have no problem with it.  So I dont know how it could be a master page issue.

One thing I can try is disabling the AntiVirus program.  Now that I think of it, we really didnt start having this issue (or I just hadnt heard of it) until we switched from Trend Micro to Kaspersky.
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ShattyPAuthor Commented:
jocafi... your comment made me think.  I checked Kaspersky and noticed that it was the banner blocker causing the problem.  I disabled it and, PRESTO!
Wow! Sometimes our brain needs just a small push. You are welcome.

MS should be notified about this case. Their support team feed a huge knowledge database about this kind of incompatibilities and misbehavior of applications and software components. Antivirus applications shall be the number one in this list.

Thanks to accept my solution, ShattyP.
ShattyPAuthor Commented:
And actually, I didn't have to completely disable the banner blocker.  I just added our sharepoint site to the banner blocker's whitelist in Kaspersky.
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