How to save Space On Exchange Server

I am looking for a program that has the ability to look at the data on my Exchange2003 server and determine if there are multiple copies of the same file. Example I know a lot of times people will send an email with an attachment to 15 people now we have 15 copies of the same file which starts to add up.

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But if you would still like understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk JDiskReport enables this in a most efficient way
I have also used this
duplicate finder
ccleaner is excellent for cleaning and optimizing the system
As far as I know there isnt one, you need to get the users to clear up thier mailboxes.

Using autoarchiving to save mail older than 6 months locally as a .pst file is normally the best way.

since you are using exchange 2003 you don't have this "problem"

Exchange 2003 uses SIS (single instance Storage) so if one email is sent to 15 people it will only take 1 space in your database.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Akhater is correct.  For reference, please read the following article:
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