HP Laserjet 1012 hangs when I print from Outlook

When I print a message in Outlook the amber warning light on the printer flashes until I press the green button on the printer. Then it will print the document. I do not have any problems printing from any other programs.

Also, when I print from Outlook it will print the message on one page and spit out 6 blank sheets.
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One thing you could try about the extra pages,    
   1.      Select Start .
   2.      Select Settings .
   3.      Select Printers and Faxes .
   4.      Highlight the appropriate HP LaserJet printer icon.
   5.      Right-click on the highlighted printer icon and select Properties from the Advanced tab.
   6.      In the Advanced tab, select the Separator Page button.
   7.      Delete the location for the separator page.
   8.      Select OK .

Secondly, Check out this link for you error code you are getting

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